Blue Marble Organic Ice Cream, Sea Salt Caramel

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Blue Marble Organic Ice Cream, Sea Salt Caramel
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Contains Milk

Rich grass-fed cream is infused with organic caramel and fleur de sel (from Brittany, France) for a delicious, buttery flavor. Unlike other brands, Blue Marble uses zero corn syrup to achieve its impossibly smooth and creamy texture. Enjoy honest indulgence with Blue Marble's GMO-free ice cream. We founded Blue Marble with the hope of making our taste buds happy and our hearts feel good. We began with premium organic dairy and the finest ingredients to create a super scrumptious scoop. Next, we built a business that cares for its customers and communities near and far. As we grow, this simple mission remains at the heart of all we do. Life is delicious, dig in! (from Blue Marble)