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Terms and Conditions
FreshDirect Gift Cards

  1. Usage. FreshDirect Gift Cards are redeemable only via purchase at www.freshdirect.com for any products sold by FreshDirect, except for the purchase of additional Gift Cards. Gift Cards may also be used for any applicable taxes and for applicable delivery fees. Gift Cards have no cash value, and any credits against purchases made with Gift Cards will be made available only as credit on your account, and not credited back to a credit card or other form of payment. There are no refunds once a Gift Card has been used — in whole or in part — absent proof of fraud not attributable to the purchaser or the recipient.
  2. Account required. A FreshDirect Gift Card may only be used in association with one FreshDirect customer account; once the card is used, any unused balance will be credited to the account and applied to future orders. You may not choose to apply only a portion of a Gift Card's balance — our systems will use the Gift Card balance to cover as much of the purchase price as possible. In order to use a FreshDirect Gift Card, if the Gift Card value is not at least 25% larger than the value of your order, you must have at least one valid credit or debit card entered into your account's Payment Options. This card will be used to cover any payment obligations not covered by the FreshDirect Gift Card, including charges for final weights of items sold by the pound.
  3. Applicable terms. A customer who uses a FreshDirect Gift Card is subject to these terms and conditions. Because a FreshDirect Gift Card is simply a payment option, all other applicable terms apply, including but not limited to the FreshDirect customer agreement and privacy policy. Note that a FreshDirect Gift Card purchase is a separate transaction from other orders at www.freshdirect.com, and the cost of one or more Gift Cards, therefore, does not count toward an orders minimum order size for items that will be physically delivered to you.
  4. FreshDirect Gift Card purchase. FreshDirect Gift Cards are available for purchase solely at www.freshdirect.com. Gift Cards can be purchased in whole dollar amounts for any from $20 to $5,000. To purchase, log in to your account (or create an account) and follow the link to the Gift Card Purchase page. You will be presented with a choice: you may either choose to have a printable PDF file with the unique FreshDirect Gift Card redemption ID emailed to your account, where you can print it and give it to your intended recipient, or you can choose to have the unique FreshDirect Gift Card redemption ID and instructions sent to your chosen recipient (with an optional gift message from you) with a confirmation sent to you. You can buy up to 10 gift cards (and a total of $5,000 in Gift Card value) in a single order and you may place up to 3 orders for gift cards in any 24 hour period. If you want to purchase gift cards in bulk and expect to exceed these limits, please contact a FreshDirect customer service representative. Gift Cards must be purchased with a credit or debit card; e-check accounts, Gift Cards, and corporate on account payment options are not valid for FreshDirect Gift Card purchases. Promotional codes or discounts of any kind are not applicable to the purchase of FreshDirect Gift Cards.
  5. My Account page. If you have purchased FreshDirect Gift Cards or used FreshDirect Gift Cards, you can find a history of purchases and/or usage and balance information by visiting the My Account page at www.freshdirect.com.
  6. Risk of loss. Once you have purchased a FreshDirect Gift Card and we have sent out its unique redemption ID to you or your intended recipient, you are liable for its use. Please ensure that you do not share the redemption ID or any communication that includes that number with anyone who you do want to use the Gift Card. FreshDirect is not liable for use of a Gift Card redemption ID that was stolen from you. If you lose your FreshDirect Gift Card, and if the Gift Card has not been used (in whole or in part), we can resend to you the Gift Card information (but only to the original email for the recipient or to a valid email address on file for the purchaser). Please contact FreshDirect's customer service team for assistance in these instances.
  7. Fraud. If FreshDirect discovers any fraud in the purchase of FreshDirect Gift Cards, it will have the right to cancel any affected FreshDirect Gift Card and to seek alternative payment for any purchases previously made with such a Gift Card. This right is in addition to any other rights and remedies FreshDirect may have, all of which it expressly reserves.
  8. Expiration. FreshDirect Gift Cards have no expiration date.
  9. Remedies for problems with Gift Card usage. In the event that a FreshDirect Gift Card fails to function properly, your sole remedy is the replacement of your FreshDirect Gift Card with another FreshDirect Gift Card with a functioning redemption ID or a corresponding credit to your account.
  10. Choice of law and venue. Use of any FreshDirect Gift Card is governed by New York law without reference to its choice of law provisions. Any dispute regarding a FreshDirect Gift Card must be brought in state or federal court in New York City, and by purchasing or using a FreshDirect Gift Card, you expressly submit to the jurisdiction of such courts and waive any claims that such courts are inconvenient forums.
  11. Terms subject to change. FreshDirect reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time. For the most up-to-date version, please refer to the applicable terms at www.freshdirect.com.
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