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Hi there!

When shopping for wines and spirits, we want to make sure you know:

  • The person receiving the delivery must present identification proving he/she is over the age of 21, and is required to sign an acknowledgment to release the order. (Oh my, has anyone ever told you how young you look?)
  • FreshDirect Wines & Spirits and FreshDirect are separate businesses. Because of this, you'll see two different charges on your credit card or checking account when your order contains both alcohol and food. But don't worry—we'll deliver your whole order at once and only charge you a single delivery fee.
  • The nitty gritty: Wines and spirits are sold by FreshDirect Wines & Spirits, License # 1277181; 620 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215, (718) 768-1521; Monday–Wednesday 1-10PM, Thursday–Saturday 11AM-10PM, Sunday 12-8PM.
  • FreshDirect reserves the right not to deliver alcohol to certain buildings.
  • If you're in New York, the delivery of wines and spirits may cause high levels of excitement and happiness. It's okay to clap and jump for joy when you receive your order.


Alcohol cannot be delivered outside of New York State so beer, wine, and spirits will be removed from your cart during checkout if an address outside of New York State is selected for delivery.


According to the surgeon general, women shouldn't drink alcohol beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects.


No person shall sell or give away any alcoholic beverages to:

  1. Any person under the age of twenty-one (21) years; or
  2. Any visibly intoxicated person.


It is a violation punishable under the law for any person under the age of twenty-one to present any written evidence of age which is false, fraudulent, or not actually his own for the purpose of attempting to purchase any alcoholic beverage.

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