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Find Out How You Can Become A Chef's Table Memeber

What is Chef's Table?

Chef's Table is an exclusive program at FreshDirect that thanks and rewards our most loyal customers.

Why would I want to be a Chef's Table member?

Chef's Table members enjoy special savings and benefits that make shopping at FreshDirect even faster and easier: preferred delivery access, dedicated service specialists, exclusive discounts and much more.

How do I join Chef's Table?

Just place 12 orders or spend an average of $500 or more each calendar month during any 3-month period (excluding Gift Card purchases). We'll automatically enroll new members at the beginning of each month. You can view your progress toward Chef's Table membership at the Your Orders page in the Your Account section of our website.

Are there any fees or hidden costs involved in being a Chef's Table member?

Nope! You won't pay a cent. Chef's Table is simply a reward for the loyalty you show as a FreshDirect customer.

How long will I remain a Chef's Table member?

As a Chef's Table member, your account will be periodically evaluated to determine your eligibility. Members who do not order at least once during any given 4-month period are subject to removal from the program. In addition, you may also be removed from the program for failing to maintain the minimum order frequency or purchase total that's required for program eligibility. Before removing Chef's Table members from the program, FreshDirect will encourage an increase in order activity.

I order for the office. Is there a corporate Chef's Table membership?

At the moment, the Chef's Table program is only available to residential FreshDirect customers.