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Help FAQs At the Office Bundles


At the Office Bundles

  • What are At the Office bundles?
    Our bundles make it simple to provide fresh fruit and healthy snacks for your team. You choose the bundles that work for your office or school kitchen and we take care of selecting a variety of our best items. We offer small, medium and large sizes with a variety of product themes so you can choose what works best for your company's budget, size and tastes.
  • Why should I consider bundles?
    Fresh fruit and snacks help keep your team fueled and thriving. They boost energy, morale and productivity and they help create a great culture to increase employee retention. We know you're busy and bundles can save you time. Instead of searching our full fruit and snacks selection, you only need to choose the bundle or bundles that fit your team's needs. We choose what goes into the bundles and ensure they get delivered to you when you want them.
  • What types of products come in the bundles?
    We have a wide variety of fruit and snack bundles. For full details of what you can expect in a bundle, check out the description on that specific bundle's product page.
  • How many products come in each bundle?
    We offer a number of bundle sizes so you can select the one that works best for your team. Each bundle lists an estimate of the number of servings it provides. If you like the bundle but want more, you can always add multiple to your cart.
  • What size are the products?
    We have a wide variety of fruit and snack bundles ranging from collections that contain individual grab-and-go servings to shareable items. For a complete description of what you can expect in a bundle, check out the description on that specific bundle's product page.
  • Do I get to choose the products included in each bundle?
    Although the product selections in bundles are cannot be customized, our experts carefully select the items that go into each, choosing ones that they think will delight. Since you just have to pick the bundle that fits the product types, sizes or price you're looking for, we'll save you time by curating everything for you. If you'd prefer to select your own fruit and snacks, you can always shop our full product selection here and here.
  • How do you choose the products that come in the bundles?
    We work with both local and global farmers and suppliers to bring you delicious fruit and the latest snacks. We taste and rate our fruit every day to ensure we're selecting the best, seasonal products for bundles. Our facility and trucks are built for keeping food at its optimal condition and not for display, so we can ensure you're getting the freshest products. When it comes to snacks, we carry brand-name favorites as well as trending new products, so you'll have options for everyone's tastes. We focus on selecting office-friendly foods so you won't have any surprises, like a pineapple you have to figure out how to cut.
  • How do I know what products I will receive?
    The types of products vary and we rotate products regularly so there will be a nice surprise when the bundle arrives. However, our product descriptions on each individual bundle provide an overview of the types of products you will receive and the images are representative of the types of products that come in the bundle. If you're ever dissatisfied, don't hesitate to reach out! We'll make it right. We also love feedback so we can make improvements to our offerings.
  • What is the pricing? Do you offer any discounts?
    The prices of our bundles vary and you can find the price for each bundle on its product page. Discounts are built into the bundle's price when compared to buying the products on their own. We occasionally offer additional sales as well.
  • How are the bundles shipped?
    You can purchase and will receive your bundle in the same way as the other items in your FreshDirect order. If you receive more than one bag or box for your order, the products in the bundles may be spread across multiple bags or boxes.
  • How do your bundle offerings compare to other companies?
    Because FreshDirect is a full-service online grocery store, we often have competitive pricing and a wider selection than other office pantry services. Additionally, we ship everything in our own climate-controlled trucks so we can guarantee that everything arrives fresh.
  • What if I have questions about bundles?
    You can reach out to Corporate Concierge (our dedicated corporate team): For urgent matters, contact the team via phone Monday-Friday from 8AM-7PM at 866-283-7374 ext. 4. For non-urgent matters, you may email corporateconcierge@freshdirect.com.