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Help FAQs Tips to Shop Like a Pro


Tips to Shop Like a Pro

  • What makes fresh products at FreshDirect so good?
    For us, there's nothing better than tasting something really good at the peak of freshness. Our skilled merchants search the world for the very best, and make sure it gets to you at its prime, so we can share that enjoyment of great fresh food with you. It's a passion shared by everyone we work with, from the people who grow, raise, and make what's in your order to the team members who prepare and deliver it to you.
  • Where can I find sales, deals, and discounts on FreshDirect?
    Simply head to the Fresh Deals page - you can find this section in the top navigation on our site. Every Thursday, we add new savings on our favorite peak-season picks and recommendations from our experts.
  • Where do the items in my order come from?
    We source directly from the farmers, fishermen, and ranchers who grow and make the food we offer, so we know it's good. It goes straight to our new, state-of-the-art facility, which is built for the optimal care of food. Our staff of expert butchers, bakers, produce specialists, and more, ensures you get food that's consistently at its best. So it goes from the field to your door in just a few days, meaning less handling by middlemen, more money for producers, and it arrives fresher to you.
  • What is FreshDirect DeliveryPass and how does it work?
    A DeliveryPass subscription gives you unlimited free delivery, plus the ability to reserve a timeslot. That means you can order as often as you like and never pay a delivery fee. You'll also receive exclusive special offers and savings.

    Please note that DeliveryPass orders to seasonal zones such like the Hamptons and Jersey Shore may be subject to a surcharge.
  • Can I modify an order?
    To modify an order before the cutoff deadline noted in your order confirmation email, head to Your Orders under your account and click on the modify button. Many of our customers find this handy when they forget or run out of something. You can also start and place an order to secure a timeslot, then use the modify feature to add to your cart throughout the week. Please note you must complete and save your changes for us to process them.
  • Does FreshDirect have an app?
    Download the FreshDirect app on Apple or Android and order from your device, wherever you are. Your cart is saved across the app and desktop, and you can add to it all week long.
  • How soon can I receive my order?
    You can place orders to all of the areas we serve for next-day delivery or up to a week in advance.
    Many areas that we serve are eligible for same-day delivery. You can order in the morning for delivery in the evening.
    Select zones in Manhattan, Brooklyn and some areas of Queens are eligible for express delivery. You can shop from a select assortment of products and get them delivered on-demand.

    To see the delivery options available in your area, click here.
  • What is your Freshness Guarantee?
    Our priority is making sure everything is perfect, which is why we have a 100% Happiness Guarantee. If you don't like something you received, we'll credit you. You can even credit yourself using our Credit Request feature.
  • How do I reorder from my previous purchases?
    Look for the reorder button on the top right corner of the FreshDirect website to add favorites to your cart instantly. Under the Your Top Items section, you'll see all of your past purchases ranked by the number of times you've purchased each item. You can also shop your past orders from the same reorder page, and can even get an entire order delivered again with one click.