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    Why are there so many boxes in my order?
    FreshDirect was designed to be the perfect environment for food, and we separate different types of food into 12 different climate zones to ensure the quality of our products.

    Our design for handling food results in three separate assembly processes which create separate boxes for Meat, Seafood and Produce items; Dairy, Deli, Cheese, Coffee and Loose Tea items packed together; and Grocery and select non-refrigerated Produce (like bananas and tomatoes) packed together.

    The number of items in a box has a direct relationship to the number of items ordered from a given department. Sometimes, boxes may be packed with only a few items depending on what you have ordered. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and encourage you to recycle your boxes. Unfortunately, FreshDirect cannot currently pick up or re-use boxes.

    Why does a single box have products from a variety of departments? I don't want my vegetables to come packaged with my meat.
    With every order we pack, we're mindful of protecting your food while being less impactful on the planet. By combining products from a variety of departments in a single box, we reduce cardboard usage by 60%, saving 1,250,000 boxes on an annual basis. You'll note that we're also alert to matters of food safety: items such as meat and vegetables are carefully packaged to prevent cross-contamination.

    Can I return my boxes?
    Though we can't currently take cardboard boxes or other packaging back into our plant or store them in our trucks, we encourage our customers to recycle their boxes.

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