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    I won't be home during my delivery window; can you deliver my order earlier/later?
    We are very sorry, but we cannot make changes to delivery timeslots on the day of delivery. We are simply not set up logistically to make these types of changes after the order cutoff time. We realize, however, that unplanned events occur and ask that you call our Customer Service team at 1-866-283-7374, option 1, to inquire about accommodating your request.

    I won't be home to receive today's delivery, so I'd like to cancel it.
    Since your order was produced in the overnight hours, your items have already been prepared for you. If you do not accept delivery today, we will have to dispose of the perishable items and restock the boxed and canned grocery items. Please note that we reserve the right to charge you for restocking fees for returned orders. Also, for freshness reasons we do not hold orders to be delivered another day. If you call us, we will do our best to try to arrange alternate delivery.

    How do I apply a promotion code I received?
    Promotion codes (sometimes referred to as "promo codes") may be redeemed at Checkout. After filling your cart with all the food you love, simply click into Checkout from the navigation bar at the top of any screen or within Your Cart. Look for the field labeled "Enter Promotion Code" near the bottom of the screen after your Order Total. Just type the promo code into that field and click the green "Apply" button to add the promotion code to your order.

    Can I change or cancel an order?
    You can change, reschedule or cancel an order at any time before the order cutoff deadline indicated on the email we send to confirm your order. Delivery timeslots and order deadlines for different neighborhoods may vary slightly. To avoid being charged for an order you wish to cancel, we must receive your cancellation before the deadline.

    For orders cancelled after the deadline, there is a restocking fee of 100% of the cost of perishable items in the order plus 25% of the cost of packaged goods, plus 50% of the total amount of any beer items, excluding fees and tax. If you miss the deadline, but for some reason still cannot accept your order, please call FreshDirect Customer Service at 1-212-796-8002.

    Please note that if you make changes to an order, the price and availability of some items may change.

    To change or cancel an order, click here.

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