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Referring Your Friends

How can I refer friends and family?

It's as easy as pie! Simply go to and either send a personalized invitation directly to your friends' email addresses, or use the Facebook and Twitter plug-ins to hit up your pals on social sites. It's what friends are for.

What will I get for referring friends and family?

Let's talk moolah. Every time you refer an eligible friend or family member who places their first FreshDirect order using the invitation link you sent, you'll receive a credit. Cha-ching! The best part is that there's no limit to how many credits you can accumulate, so the more you refer, the more you make. Double cha-ching! All credits will automatically be added to your next order. Credits do not expire.

What do my friends and/or family members get when placing their first order via my referral?

When you spread the love your family and friends will receive a credit (specified on for their first residential order. To activate the promotion, your referee must sign up using the invitation link you sent them through our tool. The promotion is applied automatically at checkout, but won't be activated if an order was delivered to the same address within the past six months. It must be used the first time the referee creates an account with us. For complete Terms & Conditions, see our Refer a Friend page. Happy referring!