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    Why did FreshDirect introduce customer-created product reviews?
    We want to know what you think! Customer-created product reviews help you to share your thoughts about food with fellow shoppers and the team at FreshDirect. And when you read customer-created product reviews, you'll get insights from other customers before you buy.

    Which products can I review?
    Reviews are available on packaged items (things you'll find in our Grocery, Frozen, Dairy and Buy Big sections) and food from our kitchen and bakery. For the moment, we don't have customer reviews on One-Click Recipes, Union Square Wines, holiday meal bundles or fresh foods like fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood, but we may bring in customer content for these products later on.

    Where will I find reviews?
    To write a review, visit a product page. Look for the blue "Write a Review" button. Clicking the button will pop up our review form. Just fill out the fields and submit.

    When will my product review be posted?
    Your review won't be posted immediately. Our team moderates reviews to make sure the content is in line with our review guidelines, so there may be a delay of up to 48 hours before your review is posted.

    How will FreshDirect use my product review?
    If your review is approved, we'll post it on the product page. Keep in mind that if you submit a review at FreshDirect, you grant us the right to use your comments. Click here to read our terms and conditions.

    How do I write a great review?
    To write a great review, focus on the product and your experience with it. Provide specific details about the item to describe why you liked or didn't like it.

    We won't post review content that is considered to be offensive, off-topic, discriminatory, false, misleading, references other websites or infringes on any third-party copyright, patent or other proprietary rights. We won't post reviews that include obscenities, discriminatory language, spam or advertisements for other products or websites. Please don't include personally identifiable details like your phone number, home address, URL or other contact information, and please keep your comments focused on the product you're reviewing.

    If you want to share feedback about our product selection, pricing, ease of ordering, delivery or other customer service concerns, please use our Get Help area to get in touch with our Customer Service Team.

    How will I know the difference between an expert review and a customer reviews?
    Our Daily Expert Ratings offer you a view to the quality of your fruit, vegetables and seafood in your next-day delivery. Something like an apple can be very different in the autumn than it is in the spring, so we think our Daily Expert Ratings are the best way to show you the subtle shifts in product quality for fresh foods. For now, we won't be showing both Expert Ratings and Customer Reviews on the same page, so watch for orange stars for expert insights and blue stars for customer-created reviews.

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