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What is FreshDirect DeliveryPass?

DeliveryPass members enjoy unlimited free deliveries. With a membership, you can order as often as you like and never pay a delivery fee! You'll also receive exclusive special offers and savings.

How does DeliveryPass work?

Once you buy a DeliveryPass membership, it will apply to the very order you purchased it on. Then you can place as many orders as you'd like without paying additional delivery fees (the only exclusion is our summer seasonal surcharge for deliveries to the Hamptons and Jersey Shore).

You don't have to enter any special codes to use your DeliveryPass. You only have to place your order and the delivery fee line on your receipt will display "FREE with DeliveryPass." In addition, DeliveryPass holders get access to the delivery timeslots they want with our exclusive Reserve Delivery Time feature.

Okay, how does Reserve Delivery Time work?

It's simple! 24 hours after you receive your first DeliveryPass order, you'll be granted exclusive access to our Reserve Delivery Time feature—available in the "Your Account" section of our site. You can reserve your delivery timeslot at any time—up to a week before you check out—or let us hold a regular timeslot for you each week. Please note that delivery timeslot reservations expire three hours prior to cutoff; so be sure to complete checkout by that time in order to use the reservation. In addition, reservations not used for one week will be released. There is no extra cost to reserve your preferred timeslot.

Does DeliveryPass work in New Jersey, Westchester, Connecticut, and the Greater Philadelphia Area?

Yes. DeliveryPass currently covers residential deliveries throughout all our service areas in New Jersey, Westchester, Connecticut, and the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Does DeliveryPass work in the Hamptons?

Yes. However, seasonal delivery areas such as the Hamptons and Jersey Shore can be subject to a seasonal surcharge.

Does DeliveryPass work for corporate orders?

Unfortunately DeliveryPass is not currently available for corporate/business orders.

Can I purchase the DeliveryPass by itself?

No. Our order minimum applies only to the food in your order. We recommend buying DeliveryPass membership along with the first order you plan to use it on.

How can I check how much time is remaining on my membership?

Click on the "Your Account" icon at the top of any page on our website. Then click on "DeliveryPass" and you can easily check on the status of your membership.

What happens when my DeliveryPass expires?

With DeliveryPass auto-renewal, your membership will automatically renew at the end of your cycle. Your initial sign-up is an authorization for us to use the available payment methods, and we'll charge your last-used credit card. To view details of your DeliveryPass account, click on "Your Account" at the top of any page on our site and then click on "DeliveryPass".

How do I opt out of auto-renewal?

You can opt out of auto-renewal at any time. To do so, visit "Your Account" and choose the "DeliveryPass" link. At the Membership Details page, select the "Click here to turn off renewal" link. If you turn off auto-renewal, you will keep your current membership until the end of its duration, at which point your membership will expire.

Is DeliveryPass membership taxable?

Yes, the price of the DeliveryPass is taxed.