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What is cutoff time?
Cutoff time is the deadline time to submit new orders, modify, or cancel existing orders. You must complete the checkout or cancellation process for your request to be accepted since the transition into producing orders begins precisely at the order cutoff deadline.

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What is the cutoff time for catering?
Please see the delivery table below for general guidelines, but it is always best to check the specific item page for cutoff details. Below each delivery day is the "order by" day and time.

Orders for catering items cancelled after catering cutoff will be subject to a 50% fee.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Holidays
Order by 11 a.m. Sunday Order by 11 a.m. Monday Order by 11 a.m. Tuesday Order by 11 a.m. Wednesday Order by 11 a.m. Thursday Order by 11 a.m. Friday Order by 11 a.m. Saturday Order by 11 a.m. the day prior to delivery*

*Please note: Some holiday items require a two day lead time.

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Can I reschedule or cancel an order?
You can reschedule or cancel an order at any time before the order cutoff deadline indicated on the email we send to confirm your order. Delivery timeslots and order deadlines for different neighborhoods may vary slightly. To avoid being charged for an order you wish to cancel, we must receive your cancellation before the deadline. For orders cancelled after the deadline, there is a restocking fee of 100% of the cost of perishable items in the order plus 25% of the cost of packaged goods, excluding fees and tax. If you miss the deadline, but for some reason still cannot accept your order, please call FreshDirect Customer Service at 1-212-796-8002.

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