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Office Grocery Delivery | FreshDirect

Hydration Central

Keep your team going with refreshing drinks.

Catering Platters For Any Event

We've added new options for your office entertaining! Whether it's for a breakfast meeting or a full-on office party, we've got a freshly-prepared platter for that, straight from our in-house kitchens.

Parfaits for Shaking Up Mornings

A yogurt parfait bar is a great way to bring the team together at the start of the work day. Help your employees fuel up with yogurt, fruit, granola, and more add-ons that are made for layering.
This Just In

New Products to Keep It Fresh

Ordering the same pantry staples every week can get as tired as hump day. Shake things up with these just-arrived products that'll help you surprise and delight your team.

Fill the Office Fruit Bowl

Fruit is a must for the pantry because it's the best fuel for a happy workday. Shop these employee favorites and discover some of our most exciting produce picks!

Stock Up on Office Essentials

Fill your pantry and supply cabinet with these must haves.

Show the Interns Some Love!

Interns are the ones doing the legwork, so it's all the more important to help them stay fueled through the day. Show them some appreciation with these snacks, drinks, and bites that'll let them know they're part of the team.

Energy Drinks For Recharging

Sometimes, a bit of go-go juice is what you need to make it through the afternoon slump. Avoid any crashes with caffeine and electrolyte-rich beverages in bulk.

Back-To-School Must Haves

Shopping for children or an after-school program? We've got you covered with these kid-friendly faves. From light snacks and juice boxes to full meals, these items will make all of your young eaters happy.

Summer Beers For Kicking Back

Getting back into the swing of things with an office happy hour? These chill beers are like golden drops of liquid sunshine. Enjoy the season with some summer beers that really bring the team together.

Summer Happy Hour Cocktails

Head up to your building's rooftop for a little soirée to toast the summer season with your team. No one will have to play bartender when you've got some pre-mixed craft cocktails and wines that you can just crack open and pour.

Individually Wrapped Snacks

Fuel the workday with snacks you can enjoy safely.

Power Up With Nut Snack Packs

Nuts are nature's perfect snack, packing a ton of nutrients and healthy fats. That makes them a great brain food for getting through the workday. We've put them in these handy single-serve packs, so everyone can fuel up safely without having to share.

Get Your Snack On

It's always crunch time with bulk chips, popcorn, and more of your team's most-wanted munchies.

Cold Brew Coffees

Get your morning brew and keep your team fueled!

The Munchies Everyone Really Wants

Midday cravings are no joke - the ones that can only be satisfied with something that packs a crunch. Keep everyone snacking happy with chips, popcorn, and more of the classic faves. Don't forget the dips to make it a slam dunk!

Fruit By The Case

Stay stocked with healthy options when you shop & save with our selection of fruit by the case that keeps your pantry full all week long.

Looking for online office food and grocery delivery? FreshDirect At the Office has got you covered. We fuel happy work days by making it easy to shop all of your team's favorite snacks, essentials for the office pantry, and food, drinks and beer for special occasions. Because we're powered by FreshDirect, you'll find all the high-quality items you expect along with the brands you trust, whether that's office must-haves like milk, fruit, yogurt and coffee or catering for big events. Through the FreshDirect Wines & Sprits store, you can get office alcohol delivery too. And with convenient features like standing weekly orders and flexible delivery windows, it's super simple to stay stocked and check another item off your to-do list.