Neutral Organic Whole Milk, Ultra-Pasteurized, Carton

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Neutral Organic Whole Milk, Ultra-Pasteurized, Carton
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Every product has a carbon footprint, including this milk. In fact, global agriculture production makes up nearly 37% of all global emissions, so we started Neutral to radically reduce that. Our carbon neutral milk—the first in the US—is organic and comes from pasture-raised cows that are humanely cared for on family farms. We measure the complete carbon footprint of each carton of milk—from the farm, to the truck, to the fridge at home and beyond—and work with farmers to reduce the carbon intensity of their operations. And we make our milk 100% carbon neutral by using carbon offsets from farmers who turn cow emissions into green energy. We're on a mission to reduce emissions and believe something as simple as a glass of milk can change everything. 100% Carbon Neutral Whole Milk Neutral invests in farms and ranches to reduce carbon emissions 13 pounds of carbon offset, equal to the emissions of a 14-mile drive per half gallon (from Neutral)