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Product Image - L'Explorateur Triple Crème
  • Decadent little drums of super-rich triple-cream cheese. When young, it's simple, sweet, and firm. When ripe, it's soft and voluptuous. Explorateur is not shy like its many triple-cream cousins. It is deeply flavorful and pungent, not milky and mild.
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  • Soft Ripened Cheese Made From Pasteurized Milk.

L'Explorateur Triple Crème?

$10.99/ea $12.99

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  • $2.29/lb
  • $3.99/eaabout $2.41/lb
  • $8.99/lb
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  • $3.99/ea($7.12/lb)
  • $17.99/lb
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  • $2.29/lb
  • $4.99/eaabout $2.21/lb
  • $8.99/lb
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  • $4.39/ea($14.16/lb)
  • $13.99/lb
  • $2.49/lb $2.99
  • $3.99/eaabout $1.59/lb

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