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Product Image - Negra Modelo Lager, Bottles
  • Negra Modelo redefines the way consumers think of a dark beer because in taste and color it is a very drinkable beer. Negra Modelo appeals to import beer drinkers who are looking for something new and different. Consumers who drink craft beers also love Negra Modelo as it offers more flavor, more complexity and a little "mystery."

    To achieve its unique taste, Negra Modelo uses a greater quantity of malt, the finest hops, a special yeast and the purest water. It is a delicious, creamy, full-flavored dark brew with a pleasant malt aroma and dry hop flavor that has a smooth mellow taste.

    (from Crown Imports)

Negra Modelo Lager, Bottles?

6ct, 12fl oz ea
Note: limit 6

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