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Holiday Meal: Whole Turkey

$119.00 - 

With our deluxe chef-prepped holiday package, you'll feed your guests with no fuss, no mess, and no schlepping. Click here for heating instructions.

Your meal includes:
  • A heat-and-serve pan of our chef's juicy whole-roasted turkey with gravy and cranberry sauce
  • Your choice of soup and sides
  • Our bakery's braided challah

Don't forget to pick up some delicious dessert!

Please Note: Our Holiday Meal Packages are NOT certified Kosher. For certified Kosher items, please visit our Kosher Department.

Click here for details.

  Whole Roasted Turkey with Gravy & Cranberry Sauce, Small
  FreshDirect Braided Challah, Frozen

Includes two 32oz containers of soup.
  Matzo Ball Soup
  Vegetarian Split Pea Soup


  Almost Perfect Mashed Potatoes
  Mashed Sweet Potatoes
  Rosemary-Garlic Roasted New Potatoes
  Sweet Noodle Kugel
  Sweet Potato Kugel
  Wild Rice with Pistachios and Sour Cherries



  Asparagus w/ Parsley & Garlic Butter
  Brown Sugar-Glazed Roasted Vegetables
  Brussels Sprouts & Pearl Onions w/ Herb Butter
  French Green Beans Almondine
  Sautéed Spinach w/ Garlic
  Steamed Tuscan Kale with Garlic (Made with Organic Kale)



FreshDirect Honey Cake 1lb - $4.99/ea

FreshDirect Braided Challah, Frozen $4.99/ea

Financier Patisserie Oven-Ready Apple Galette, Frozen Serves 4-6 (7") - $22.99/ea

Financier Patisserie Cassis White Chocolate Cake Serves 8-10 (7") - $22.99/ea

Financier Patisserie Chocolate Mousse Cake Serves10-12 (9") - $29.99/ea

Financier Patisserie Individual Sacher-Torte $5.99/ea

FreshDirect Mixed Berry Tart 10" - $21.99/ea

FreshDirect Toasted Almond Frangipane Tart 9", 1lb - $14.99/ea

FreshDirect Apple & Cheese Tart 9" - $14.99/ea

Davidovich Almond Cookies 8oz - $5.99/ea

Davidovich Assorted Rugelach 6pk, 9.5oz - $4.99/ea

FreshDirect Oven-Ready Dark Wheat Bread 16oz - $3.49/ea

FreshDirect Oven-Ready French Baguette approx 15" - $2.69/ea

FreshDirect Oven-Ready Sourdough Rolls 6 pack (16oz) - $3.99/6pk

  • Advance orders for Holiday Meal Packages and qualifying platters are available (while supplies last) for delivery 9/12-9/23.

  • Holiday Meal Package orders canceled less than 24 hours before delivery will be subject to a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the price of the Holiday Meal Package order.

  • Please contact Customer Service at service@freshdirect.com or call 1-212-796-8002 if you have any questions.

 I have read and agree to the terms above.

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