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Local Harvest Angus Flank Steak, Raised without Antibiotics

"London Broil"


Flavor galore and texture to boot. This long, flat steak gets a spot on our Top 10. Cook it medium rare and slice it thinly against the grain to bring out its excellent flavor, tenderness, and juiciness. Great for quickly pan-frying (try using a cast-iron skillet). Or marinate for an hour or so, then grill.

Local Harvest is FreshDirect's premium beef offering. We work with a coalition of small family farms throughout New York and Pennsylvania who feed their cattle a diet of primarily grass, supplemented by grain throughout the finishing months. The cattle are never fed or administered any artificial growth hormones or antibiotics. Every farm in the Local Harvest program is independently audited for animal welfare practices to ensure the best standards of care.

The Local Harvest program is comprised of the following family farms.

  • Baumert Family Farm – Herndon, PA
  • Conquest Cattle Farmers – Cato, NY
  • Green Valley Farm – Manheim, PA
  • Hoffman Farms – Dover, PA
  • Mahantongo Angus Farm – Klingerstown, PA
  • Silver Run Farm – Lancaster, PA
  • Zimmerman Farms – Pitman, PA

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