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Harpoon India Pale Ale, Glass Bottles
  • Description

    The aroma is floral, distinctly different from the herbal, spicy, or "cut grass" aromas of other hop varieties. Harpoon IPA has three malts. One adds a toasted flavor and the other a malty flavor. Along with the third malt, a 2-row pale, there is an abundance of fermentable sugar to be converted into alcohol, which accounts for the relatively high original gravity. The high hopping of Harpoon IPA is not only noticeable in the nose but especially in the finish. The lingering bitter finish of this beer is not harsh or astringent, but crisp and pronounced. (from Harpoon)
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Harpoon India Pale Ale, Glass Bottles

6ct, 12fl oz ea
Note: limit 12
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