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Samuel Adams Winter Classics Variety Pack, Glass Bottles
  • Description

    Samuel Adams Winter Classics Variety Pack includes two each of the following beers:

    • Boston Lager: Bold, rich and complex. The distinctive balance of spicy hops, slightly sweet roasted malts, and a smooth finish give Boston Lager its full-flavored taste. The unmistakable character of this brew began as our original and became an American classic.
    • Sam '76: Sam '76 is a revolutionary take on your everyday beer, with its light, citrus aroma and clean finish. This refreshing lager stands apart thanks to its unique combination of satisfying flavor and easy-drinking refreshment.
    • Winter Lager: For colder nights, lean on Winter Lager, a crisp bock with citrus and spices. The clementine orange aroma is especially refreshing during holiday meals and celebrations.
    • Holiday White Ale: Ah, the holidays. Full of friends, family, festive parties...and last-minute gifts and food mishaps. Whatever happens, this beer is your trusty plus one, smoothing things over with orange peel and holiday spices.
    • American IPA: American IPA has an intense juicy, citrus flavor with a lean body and crisp, clean finish. To brew out west coast style IPA, the brewers hand-selected seven American hop varieties and brewed American IPA for maximum hop expression, emphasizing hop flavor and aroma.
    • Holiday Porter: Malt and flaked oats add generous body and rich flavor, for a round, dark, satisfying ale that caps any winter night.

    (from Samuel Adams)

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Samuel Adams Winter Classics Variety Pack, Glass Bottles

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