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  • Description

    A staple in authentic Mexican cuisine, Queso Fresco is a soft, moist, fresh cheese that is similar in flavor and texture to a ricotta, but with more savory, milky notes. When heated, this cheese softens, but does not melt. Cacique's Queso Fresco is naturally lower in fat, made with Grade A, pasteurized, part skim cow's milk and sea salt.

    This mellow cheese is ideal for crumbling over salads or refried beans and it can balance robust dishes like chilaquiles and enchiladas. It's also lvely for filled pasta dishes like ravioli.

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  • Ingredients
    Cultured Pasteurized Grade A Milk And Skim Milk, Sea Salt And Enzymes.
  • More Information
    Milk Type: Cow
    Region: USA

Cacique Queso Fresco

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