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Love Your Dairy Farmer Bundle
  • Description

    Dairy tastes best when it's fresh from the farm, so we've gathered these local favorites that are truly the cream of the top. This bundle includes: Ronnybrook Salted European Style Butter, an extra-rich, super spreadable butter made with milk from cows raised humanely using old-world farming techniques; Seven Stars Farm Organic Yogurt, a European-style, whole-milk yogurt with a thick layer of cream at the top; Nettle Meadow Garlic & Olive Oil Chevre, a fresh goat's milk cheese from a farm in the Adirondacks committed to the humane treatment of animals; Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative Organic Eggs, sourced from fully-pastured chickens raised without antibiotics.

  • Allergens

    • Contains Eggs
    • Contains Milk
  • Ingredients

    Ronnybrook Salted European Style Butter: Pasteurized Heavy Cream, Salt.
    Contains Milk.

    Seven Stars Farm Original Organic Yogurt, Plain: Organic Pasteurized Whole Milk, Culture.
    Contains Milk.

    Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative Organic Eggs: Eggs.
    Contains Eggs

    Nettle Meadow Chevre, Garlic & Olive Oil: Pasteurized Goat’s Milk, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic, Sea Salt, Lactic cultures, enzymes.
    Contains Milk.

    Please see each product page for complete nutrition info.

Love Your Dairy Farmer Bundle

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