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Product Image - Edel de Cléron
  • Description
    Like a milky, grassy Brie. This is a pasteurized version of the wonderful Vacherin Mont d'Or, from the high Jura Alps in France. Edel de Cléron has all the bold flavor and creamy richness of its noble ancestor, with a very soft, almost liquid texture. It is aged wrapped in spruce bark on beds of hay. Both the bark and hay give the cheese a distinctly grassy, piney aroma. Serve with crusty bread or spoon over boiled potatoes, with a glass of simple white country wine.
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  • Ingredients
    Pasteurized Milk, Cheese.
  • Cooking & Storage
    Brie & Friends Rating
     rating 5 out of 5, Creamy Creamy
     rating 4 out of 5, Rich Rich
     rating 4 out of 5, Strong Strong
    Region: France
    Milk Type: Cow's Milk

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