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Seventh Generation Flip-Top Baby Wipes, Free and Clear
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    Seventh Generation Free and Clear baby wipes are thick, strong and made for sensitive skin. Designed to be gentle, these generously sized wipes are built with the cleaning power you need and the care your baby deserves. You'll get all the comfort and performance of cloth while using fewer wipes. Try using just one less wipe per change and watch the savings grow. Serious cleaning is needed for more than just sensitive bottoms. Our baby wipes are moistened with aloe vera, vitamin E and water to cleanse and moisturize gently and naturally. These Free and Clear wipes are more than just unscented and dye-free. These baby wipes are non-sensitizing, hypoallergenic and safe to use on baby's hands and face. Your baby doesn't get to choose what goes on their sensitive skin, but you do. (from Seventh Generation)

Seventh Generation Flip-Top Baby Wipes, Free and Clear

($6.23/100 Sheets)

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