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Glad Tall Quick-Tie Trash Bags, 13 Gallon
  • Description

    Made with three-ply strength, Glad Tall Kitchen Quick-Tie trash bags are guaranteed strong and sturdy. The Quick-Tie strong and dependable built-in flaps provide easy closure for your big trash loads. The easy-tie flaps help keep the bag securely shut to avoid messy trash disasters as you transport it. No need for inconvenient twist-ties that can be misplaced, just close the bag by cross tying the handles and you're done. You can transport even the fullest garbage bag without any worries of spillage. Also, the 13-gallon size is great for a variety of uses around your home or office, like storing and protecting toys, blankets, linens, clothes or covering furniture, lining a litter box, or even use as a laundry bag. Get a handle on trash with Glad and protect your home from garbage disasters. (from Glad)

Glad Tall Quick-Tie Trash Bags, 13 Gallon



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