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Glad Press n Seal Plastic Food Wrap
  • Description

    Glad Press'n Seal uses Griptex technology to protect food with a leak proof and airtight seal. Great for storing and protecting leftovers, this multipurpose wrap seals tightly onto a variety of surfaces, such as paper, plastic, metal, wood or other dry surfaces. The Griptex technology activates when pressure is applied and seals to itself, allowing you to create custom shaped food storage bags to freeze food or to make individual portions. It also works well around the house or at work to keep things clean and protected. Press'n Seal wrap is simple to use and easy to handle. The wrap is BPA free and microwave safe. Glad protects and seals with ease. (from Glad)

Glad Press 'n Seal Plastic Food Wrap

70sq ft
($6.41/100 Sq Ft)


Organic Fruit & Veggie Blend, OhMyMega Veggie!


Organic Fruit & Veggie Blend, Green Kale & Apple


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