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Irish Spring Original Bar Soap
  • Description

  • Helps keep you feeling clean and fresh
  • Great invigorating scent
  • Long-lasting deodorant protection

  • (from Irish Spring)
  • Ingredients

    Soap (Sodium Tallowate; Sodium Cocoate; and/or Sodium Palm Kernelate Types); Water; Stearic Acid (Skin Conditioner); Coconut And/Or Palm Kernel Acid; Glycerin (Skin Conditioner); Fragrance; Sodium Chloride; Titanium Dioxide; Pentasodium Pentetate; BHT; D&C Green No. 8; FD&C Green No. 3.

Irish Spring Original Bar Soap

3ct, 5oz ea


Underwear with Fit-Flex Protection for Women, Maximum Absorbency, Large Size

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