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Draftmark Home Tap System
  • Description

    What is Draftmark?
    Draftmark is an easy to use home beer tap system that allows you to experience beer at the peak of freshness. Technology in the one-gallon Brewer's Barrel refills (sold separately) keeps beer as fresh as the brewmaster intended. No cleaning, no maintenance, and the device sits comfortably in your fridge.

    You're in control. Pour a half or full pint of perfection whenever you see fit. The genius behind the Draftmark system is that no oxygen touches your beer before you pour, allowing the beer to stay fresh for 30 days from the day you first tap it. Beer:1 Oxygen:0

    Rechargeable Battery
    The system uses a rechargeable battery that comes charged. To recharge the battery, simply plug it in, then reinstall—it fully recharges in two to six hours.

    What's in the Box?
    Draftmark appliance, rechargeable battery, user manual. Beer barrels are sold separately.

Draftmark Home Tap System

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