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Bronx Brewery The Boogie Down Set Variety Pack, Cans
  • Description

    This variety pack includes three cans each of:

    • American Pale Ale: Here it is. The King of this Thing. The beer that started it all for us. Our first two years in the biz, this was our only brew. Why? Because we were so obsessed with creating the boldest, most perfectly balanced pale ale we could. Our flagship beer delivers a big English malt backbone, married with piney and citrus American hops. We hope you like the brew that inspired our drive.
    • No Resolutions IPA: If you like to listen to your music loud, this is the beer for you. This indulgent IPA delivers big citrus aromas and a dank, juicy flavor. With a 7.6% ABV and a mix of five different hops, this is the perfect beer for those who live life with No Resolutions.
    • Boom Boom IPA: This is one of the more explosive IPAs we've ever brewed so it was no surprise when our brewers described it as the Boom Boom when it came off the line. It's got a heavy hop aroma with a slightly tart, gentle bitter taste. The big hop aroma and 8.1% ABV makes this brew go Boom Boom.
    • Steep Aside Pale Ale: New York City can be tough to navigate. Congested sidewalks. Crowded subway platforms. City traffic. But when you step into the right lane in life, all that noise just moves aside. With that in mind, we brewed this pale ale with a blend of three different teas, giving it a lightly balanced, earthy herbal taste that's just right on the palate. So whatever's in your way should just Steep Aside.

    (from Bronx Brewery)

  • Alcohol Information
    New York

Bronx Brewery The Boogie Down Set Variety Pack, Cans

12ct, 12fl oz ea

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