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Ommegang Rosetta, Glass Bottles

Ommegang Rosetta, Glass BottlesOmmegang

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    Ommegang Rosetta pays homage to time-honored Belgian methods of aging and blending fruit beers. Ommegang brewmaster Phil Leinhart partnered with Belgian sister brewery, Liefmans—legendary brewers in the world of sour fruit beers—to create a truly unique blend for Ommegang and U.S. craft beer lovers. Pouring a mahogany-brown with a hint of red, Rosetta offers elegance, depth, complexity, and an intriguing interplay of tartness and sweetness. This is derived from Phil's perfectly balanced blend of Oud Bruin (a tart Flemish brown ale) with Cuvee Brut (a fruity and lively Kriek Beer)(from Ommegang)

    BrandAbout Ommegang
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    New York

Ommegang Rosetta, Glass Bottles

4ct, 11.2fl oz ea