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Dallis Bros. Whole Bean Coffee, IWCA Spotlight Collection
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    This year's vintage from the women's producers of the Kinyovu offers a deep body, supporting sweet caramel, and cocoa brown sugar with an infusion of dry black cherry.

    IWCA (International Women's Coffee Alliance) paid the women producers of the Kinyovu $1.15/lb. in premium, above and beyond what they were paid on the cherries from the processing washing station. IAC also paid 10 cents/lb. extra for this women micro-lot to further support the program on the ground.

    Burundi Friends International (BFI), a non-profit organization has been a major supporter of IWCA Burundi. BFI has raised $20,000 for a financial literacy program to benefit all members of IWCA Burundi. There are four leads of IWCA Burundi currently in training on this financial literacy program in conjunction with PCI Global. (from Dallis Bros.)

Dallis Bros. Whole Bean Coffee, IWCA Spotlight Collection

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