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Austin Eastciders Cider Variety Pack, Cans
  • Description

    This variety pack contains three cans each of:
    • Original Dry Cider: A crisp, smooth dry craft cider made with European bittersweet apples and American dessert apples.
    • Blood Orange Cider: We blended blood oranges from Italy with bittersweet heirloom apples to create a cider with a zesty twist.
    • Pineapple Cider: For an exotic twist, we have blended heirloom bittersweet and culinary apples with a taste of the tropics. Golden, ripe, and delicious pineapples have been married into our dry cider to give you a refreshing pineapple experience!
    • Sangria Cider: Ready for a fiesta in a can? Our Sangria Cider uses a blend of six fruits including peach, apple, elderberry, lime, cherry, and strawberry. Mix up this pitcher ready cider with a little extra fruit or serve chilled on its own.
    (from Austin Eastciders)
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Austin Eastciders Cider Variety Pack, Cans

12ct, 12fl oz ea