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Bronx Brewery Mango Queen IPA, Cans
  • Description

    Indian Saffron Mangoes are affectionately known in their homeland as the "queen of mangoes." They are renowned for their intensely sweet taste and firm tropical scent, but, unfortunately, they are only in season for six to eight weeks from mid-May to early July. We had a short window to use these mangoes, so the team had to move quick. To properly spotlight and balance the taste and aroma from these mangoes, we peeled, diced and added them to the beer along with a killer dry hop of some super tropical fruit, citrus hops, and fresh grapefruit. (from Bronx Brewery)

  • Alcohol Information

    New York

Bronx Brewery Mango Queen IPA, Cans

4ct, 12fl oz ea


Belgian White, Glass Bottles

Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, Lime, Cans

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