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Shiner Brewery Tour Variety Pack, Glass Bottles
  • Description

    Shiner Brewery Tour contains one flavor each of:
    • Bock: Rich American-style dark lager with roasted barley malt and German specialty hops.
    • Light Blonde: Our lightest beer at just 99 calories, but still full of Shiner-quality flavor.
    • Ruby Redbird: A hint of ginger and a kick of tart Texas Ruby Red grapefruit make this brew ripe for the drinking.
    • Weiss 'n' Easy: A Shiner original with all the flavor of a wheat beer. Perfect for kickin' back and takin' it Weisse and Easy.
    • Wicked Juicy IPA: Hop-filled and full-bodied, our juicy IPA balances a slight bitterness with citrus-forward flavors.
    • Cerveza: This Mexican-style lager brewed with earthy, sweet agave is a clean, crisp, easy-drinking brew.

    (from Shiner)

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Shiner Brewery Tour Variety Pack, Glass Bottles

6ct, 12fl oz ea