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Further Food Collagen Peptides 100% Pure Protein Powder
  • Description

    Be healthy every day with Further Food Collagen Peptides. Our Collagen Peptides are designed to elevate your overall health by improving gut health, minimizing wrinkles and cellulite, reducing joint pain, strengthening hair, nails, and bones, while also promoting weight loss. It quickly dissolves (with no flavor, smell or gelling) and can be added to your favorite morning beverages or meals. Just scoop, mix, and go further! (from Further Food)

  • Nutrition
    Supplement Facts
    Serving per Container: 28
    Serving Size: 1 Scoop (8 grams)
    Leucine 232 mgnullAmount Per Serving0 null% Daily Value
    Calories29 nullnullProtein7 g14%Fat0 g0%Sodium46 mg2%Collagen Peptides8 g0%
    Percent Daily Value are based on a 200 calories diet. Zero=Daily value not established.null
    AMINO ACIDSnullAmount Per ServingnullAlanine648 mgnullArginine 672 mgnullAspartic acid 528 mgnullGlutamic acid992 mgnullGlycine 1648 mgnullHistidine 64 mgnullHydroxylysine94 mgnullHydroxyproline912 mgnullIsoleucine 120 mgnullLysine 272 mgnullMethionine 48 mgnullPhenylalanine 168 mgnullProline 920 mgnullSerine 272 mgnullThreonine 152 mgnullTyrosine 40 mgnullValine 192 mgnull
    Other ingredients: Grass fed, pasture raised bovine collagen peptides.

Further Food Collagen Peptides 100% Pure Protein Powder



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