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FreshDirect Roast Pork and Vegetarian Bun Assortment

FreshDirect Roast Pork and Vegetarian Bun AssortmentFreshDirect Roast Pork and Vegetarian Bun Assortment

  • Description
    Pillowy, doughy buns, one type filled with sweet and savory pork and the other with silky edamame... Consider yourself in dim sum heaven. Our barbecue pork buns and edamame buns are paired in this duo to create a mix-and-match dinner for two or an appetizing pre-meal sampler. An updated version of classic Chinatown fare, the buns' soft layers and rich insides speak for themselves — no sauce required.

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    Heating Instructions

    Remove plastic film from container. Before Cooking! Place a damp paper towel over the top of the dumplings. Put lid loosely back on top of the damp paper towel. Microwave on high for 3 ½ minutes in 1,000-watt or higher microwave, or 4 minutes in lower wattage microwave. Let sit for 1 minute before carefully removing lid and paper towel. Enjoy!

  • Allergens
    • Please note: FreshDirect's kitchen uses eggs, fish, milk, shellfish, soy, peanuts, tree nuts and wheat ingredients.
    • Contains Soy
    • Contains Sesame Seed and/or Sesame Oil
    • Contains Wheat
  • Ingredients
    Barbecue Pork Buns: Dough (Wheat Flour, Water, Sugar, Palm Oil Shortening, Canola And/Or Soybean Oil, Baking Powder, Yeast, Salt), Filling (Pork, Chinese Cooking Wine [Water, Alcohol, Salt], Sugar, Soy Sauce [Water, Soybean, Salt, Wheat Flour], Hoisin Sauce [Soybean, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Water, Tomato Paste, Salt, Lemon, Caramel Color, Garlic, Vinegar, Chili Pepper], Brown-Bean Sauce [Water, Soybean, Salt, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Sesame Oil, Spices], Canola And/Or Soybean Oil, Modified Starch, Salt, Garlic, Ginger, Shallots, Black Pepper).

    Edamame Buns: Dough (Wheat Flour, Course Ground Whole Wheat Flour, Water, Sugar, Vegetable Shortening [Palm Oil], Canola And/Or Soybean Oil, Baking Powder, Yeast), Filling (Green Soybeans, Cabbage, Canola And/Or Soybean Oil, Red Sweet Pepper, Chive, Scallion, Snow Pea, Spinach, Water, Shiitake Mushroom, Sesame Oil, Evaporated Cane Sugar, Ginger, Sea Salt, Garlic, Cornstarch, Black Pepper).

    Kale added for garnish.

FreshDirect Roast Pork and Vegetarian Bun Assortment

"Barbecue Pork Buns/Edamame Buns"

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