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    If you're looking to step up your salad game then you're in the right place. A bed of baby spinach mixed with crunchy carrot matchsticks and celery blends effortlessly with crisp cucumber crescents, but the magic really happens when you mix in our chef's mini salad. It includes marinated edamame, quinoa, and the double-whammy of Asian sea veggies hijiki and arame. A sweet-soy dressing adds the finishing touch to this complex and hearty salad.

    Delicious and convenient, our ready-to-go salads have been carefully planned, prepped, and packaged to maintain the quality of the ingredients, with a perfect portion of dressing on the side. Simply mix it up and enjoy!

FreshDirect Edamame, Quinoa, and Shrimp Salad

"With Sweet Soy Dressing"

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