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FreshDirect Guacamole with Sundried Tomato and Feta
  • Description
    Forget everything you thought you knew about guacamole and life. Every day we hand-select the best avocados and mix them with lime, cilantro, and seasoning to make our creamy small-batch guacamole. Next, we top the guac with fresh salty feta and sweet sun-dried tomatoes to create an insanely addictive dip that's guaranteed to wow your guests. Try it on toast as a tastier alternative to standard avocado toast or dollop it on top of your favorite salad.
  • Explanatory Information
    About our Heat Index: We've developed this Heat Index to give you an approximation of how spicy a particular dish tastes. Keep in mind that people tolerate chili heat in very different ways, so this scale may not reflect your individual experience with a dish.*
    NO HEAT There's no heat here — safe for the kids.

    MINOR HEAT Expect no more than a little tingle on the tongue.

    SUBTLE HEAT One might describe this dish as "peppery."

    MEDIUM HEAT A spicy warmth that builds as you eat and lingers a while.

    STRONG HEAT This dish has kick — keep a cool beverage on hand.

    FIERY HEAT Your eyes will water. Your nose will run. You've been warned.

    *Note for sensitive palates: Heat ratings are never guaranteed! Due to unpredictable environmental variations that range from rainfall to chance genetic changeability, chili spice often differs. Even two identical-looking jalapeños can pack two very different heat levels.

FreshDirect Guacamole with Sundried Tomato and Feta

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