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FreshDirect Small Thanksgiving Dinner

$99.00 - 3.8-5.8 lb (turkey cooked weight)

FreshDirect Small Thanksgiving Dinner

In charge of the big meal this year? We'll make it easy so you can spend more time with your loved ones! Each dinner is prepped by our expert chefs and includes a fully-cooked, bone-in turkey breast from Diestel Family Ranch (raised without antibiotics) that you can heat in the oven, as well as cranberry sauce and gravy. You also get to pick two delicious vegetables and two side dishes to complete your feast. Serves 2-4.

Order now for delivery through Thursday, November 26.

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Meal includes:
Fully-cooked Diestel Family Ranch bone-in turkey breast (cooked weight: 3.8-5.8 lb.), raised without antibiotics, choice of two side dishes, choice of two vegetables, classic gravy, and cranberry sauce.

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