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100% Grass-Fed Local Beef Marrow Bones, Frozen

100% Grass-Fed Local Beef Marrow Bones, Frozen100% Grass-Fed Local

  • Description

    Beef bones, with their natural marrow filling, liven up any kind of stew, soup or stock with beautiful flavor and smooth texture. For a treat, scoop out the marrow after you have cooked with the bone and spread it across crusty bread.

    FreshDirect's 100% Grass-Fed Local Beef program is made up of a group of family-owned farms in the northeast that strictly follow a humane and sustainable agricultural model. The herd is raised without hormones or antibiotics and is exclusively grass-fed, which means they're never given grain or corn. This not only benefits the farmer, the animals, and the environment, but also the consumer, as genuine, grass-fed cattle results in meat that's leaner, more tender, more flavorful, and remarkably juicy. Because we request the absolute highest quality from our farmers, we have exclusive access to the cream of the crop, which we're now able to provide to our customers 365 days a year.

    • Raised Without Antibiotics
    • Grass Fed
    • Non GMO
    Brand100% Grass-Fed Local

100% Grass-Fed Local Beef Marrow Bones, Frozen

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