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Lewis Family Farm 100% Certified Grass-Fed & Organic Local Beef Share, Frozen, Trial Size
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    We've partnered with local farmers in Upstate New York to bring you this delectable variety pack of certified organic 100% grass-fed beef so you can be sure you're getting the freshest, most flavorsome beef straight from the farm. This is a cow share you can count on, containing a proportional selection of meat from a whole cow share with family, split a box with neighbors, or make smaller packs for freezing. The shares are seasonally curated to feature more roasts in the winter and more steaks in the summer, so you can stew and grill as the weather dictates. There's never been a more economical way to buy beef!

    We're working directly with USDA Organic Certified Vermont Packing House to carefully butcher a premium selection of beef, and make sure all your meat is individually labeled, vacuum-packed, and frozen for locked-in freshness. Here's what you'll get in each box (please note that quantities and sizes may vary slightly):

    • 1-2 packs of grilling steak (one or more of the following: tenderloin, sirloin, rib eye, striploin)
    • 1-2 packs of braising/specialty meat (one or more of the following: flat iron, mock tender, short ribs, tri-tip, flank, skirt, sirloin flap, petit tender, brisket flat, tenderloin tips, hanger)
    • 1 pack of roast (one of the following: sirloin tip, rump, round, chuck)
    • 1 pack of stew meat (about 1 pound)
    • 4-5 packs of ground beef (about one pound each)

    Handy hack: Our meat expert suggests using one of the roasts to make several stews and braising steaks.

    Sourced exclusively from: Lewis Family Farm

    Nestled serenely on the shorelines of Lake Champlain in the valley between the Adirondacks and Vermont's Green Mountain range, the Lewis Family Farm is devoted to sustainable agriculture. The cattle live freely outdoors year-round, rotating from woodlands in winter (where they are fed baled grass) to lush, mineral-rich pastures where they are rotationally grazed the rest of the year. The cattle are certified organic, which means they're raised without any added hormones or antibiotics. They are also certified grass-fed, which guarantees they're never fed grain. Lewis Family Farm is the only farm in the United States to achieve this unique double certification. These beef share boxes are made exclusively for FreshDirect and are only available for a limited time.

    • Grass-Fed
    • Raised Without Antibiotics

Lewis Family Farm 100% Certified Grass-Fed & Organic Local Beef Share, Frozen, Trial Size

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