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Fall Majesty Bouquet
  • Description
    Autumn abundance! This huge bouquet features deep burgundy Sumatra lilies, luxurious mango Calla lilies, terra cotta roses, spiky safflower, seeded eucalyptus and velvety magnolia. Fabulous on your own dinner table, or a great gift for the hostess with the mostest.

    Please be careful when removing and cutting roses, and be sure to keep out of reach of children. Care has been taken to remove the thorns, but there's a chance we may miss one, particularly on the upper portion of rose stems.

    Lilies are sensitive to ethylene, a gas produced by ripening fruits and vegetables. To extend the life of this bouquet, keep it away from fresh produce. You may also wish to remove the pollen from lilies after they open, as it can discolor fabric.

    Click here for care instructions.

Fall Majesty Bouquet

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