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All-Natural Wild Domestic Gulf Shrimp, Cleaned, 16-20/lb
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    Sweet and flavorful — jumbo shrimp aren't just an oxymoron; they're the perfect size for skewers, scampi, or stew. They're big enough to stand up to curry, Creole seasonings, and other spicy preparations. These shrimp are peeled, deveined, and ready to cook; you can add them directly to stews, soups, sauces or risottos. Boil, steam or pan-fry them only until they're just opaque.

    Founded in 1992 in Bayou La Batre, Alabama, Dominick's Seafood draws upon four generations of seafood processing in the Ficarino family. Their mission is simple: Deliver the world's finest shrimp with excellent service and a dedication to environmental responsibility. The company owns a fleet of seven state-of-the-art fishing vessels and a cutting-edge processing facility right on the bayou. This fully integrated approach ensures the company can completely oversee quality control, from the time the shrimp come out of the water until they reach the customer.
    Frozen Note
      May arrive partially frozen.
    Find out why seafood is flash-frozen for freshness.

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All-Natural Wild Domestic Gulf Shrimp, Cleaned, 16-20/lb

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