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Product Image - Wild Carabineros Shrimp, Previously Frozen
  • One of the most coveted prawns in kitchens worldwide, beautiful Carabineros are a large, deep-sea prawn species that hail from the Eastern Atlantic into the Mediterranean Sea.

    More distinct and robust in flavor than other shrimps or langoustine, they are also coveted for their large size. While their meat resides in the tail, their cephalothoraxes (head and body) are not to be overlooked, and are excellent for making clear and creamed soups and sauces to which it adds flavor and red color. None of this prawn should go to waste, and some Europeans consider the flavor of their heads as a delicacy. Traditionally prepared in Spain and Portugal as simply salted and grilled, some suggest that they should be treated as a delicate small lobster versus a simple shrimp. Regardless, they can be poached, sautéed, steamed and are excellent in paellas and robust stews. (from the vendor)

Wild Carabineros Shrimp, Previously Frozen

"Scarlet Prawns"


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