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Product Image - De Cecco Whole Wheat Spaghetti

De Cecco Whole Wheat SpaghettiDe Cecco

  • All the De Cecco whole wheat pasta is made according to the original De Cecco system. Other manufacturers utilize, when processing whole wheat grains, a thermal treatment prior to the actual pasta making process in order to prevent the degradation of the fat substances. This does not happen in De Cecco, thanks to the special method of obtaining wheat grains meal and use of low temperature drying system. This way the nutritious values of the fiber can pair with the sweet aroma of wheat and together they generate a delicious final dish. The popular Spaghetti format was born in Southern Italy and in those towns where the pasta making concentrated: Naples, Genoa and Liguria in general. The Spaghetto is the typical long rod pasta format with a round section. Historically the first ufficial evidence of the name "spaghetto" goes back to 1819 on the pages of the first Italian dictionary by Nicolò Tommaseo and Bernardo Bellini. This is how the definition starts off "singular masculin, diminutive of spago (thread)" and with a mention to the "Spaghetti soup": as thick as a thread of spago and as long as "sopracapellini". In 1957 BBC broadcast the first scientific documentary on their production. The following day BBC phone lines were choked up with phone calls of people asking for more information on spaghetti producers and distributors in order to buy them. Very tasty sauted in a frying pan, after regular cooking in boiling water, Spaghetti are also delicious with warm or cold tomato, vegetable and herb sauces. Another excellent combination is with shellfish and seafood and also with "white" sauces made with soft or melted cheeses and spiced with curry, saffron, radish and ginger. (from De Cecco)

De Cecco Whole Wheat Spaghetti?

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