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Magic Hat Night of the Living Dead Variety Pack, Glass Bottles
  • Description
    The Night of the Living Dead Variety Pack contains a cabal of beers carefully selected to scare the howl out of autumn thirsts and exorcise the season's most frightening fluid cravings. Every time one is opened, three bottles of four different ales materialize:
    • Heart of Darkness: Heart of Darkness is a diabolically delicious stout with silky, full-bodied mouthfeel swirling around a dreamlike undercurrent of bittersweet chocolate from deep roasted malts. Awaken your soul with a rich swirl of creamy black rapture
    • Lucky Kat: Lucky Kat is an Amber IPA with a sweet hop nose and a smooth, medium body whose deliciously intense hop bite is balanced by a clean malty backbone that purrs of caramel and toast.
    • Howl: Howl is a black lager born on the wailing winds during the darkest of nights. In its depths, we discover a medium body, rich with deep roasted malt flavors of dark chocolate and coffee, and a smooth hop bitterness pacing the horizon.
    • Jinx: A toast to dancing bonfires and falling leaves, jinx is a medium-bodied scotch ale boasting hints of chocolate and caramel malts with a slightly smoky finish.

    (from Magic Hat Brewing Company)
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Magic Hat Night of the Living Dead Variety Pack, Glass Bottles

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