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Radeberger Pilsner, Glass Bottles
  • Description

    Radeberger Pilsner has been brewed by the Radeberger Exportbierbrauerei since its founding in 1872. The quality of this pale lager was so outstanding that the Royal Court of Saxony and the Prince Otto Von Bismarck appointed the brewery as the purveyor to the their courts.
    Characteristics: Clear, pale golden color with fine, creamy foam, predominant hops taste with pleasant, subtly distinct note of hops bitterness
    Bitterness units: 33 IBU
    (from Radeberger)
  • Alcohol Information


Radeberger Pilsner, Glass Bottles

6ct, 11.2fl oz ea
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Radeberger Pilsner, Glass Bottles

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