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Samuel Adams Beers of Summer Variety Pack, Glass Bottles
  • Description

    Six styles to celebrate and enjoy all summer long:

    • Boston Lager: Well-balanced, full-flavored brew that is robust and rich with character; notes of caramel and toffee, with a distinct noble hop character with hints of spicy pine and citrus.
    • Sam '76: The most refreshing beer from Samuel Adams. Sam '76 is a revolutionary take on your everyday beer. It has a light, citrus aroma of an American ale and the clean finish of a lager.
    • Summer Ale: Golden, hazy and thirst-quenching. This American wheat ale is synonymous with summer. Our blend of orange, lemon, and lime peels enhances the spicy, citrusy Hallertau Mittelfrüh Noble hops. Grains of paradise accent the crisp wheat character with a subtle spice that finishes clean. Iconic as it is refreshing, Summer Ale is just right for any summer day.
    • Porch Rocker: Sweet, tangy, and refreshing, this beer was inspired by German cyclists who first drank beer mixed with lemonade to quench their thirst on a hot summer day. Our take on the style starts with a golden Helles lager and adds a unique blend of lemons to capture that fresh-squeezed lemon taste. Its crisp, light body and clean finish make a refreshing beer all season long.

    (from Samuel Adams)

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Samuel Adams Beers of Summer Variety Pack, Glass Bottles

$19.79/ea $21.99
12ct, 12fl oz ea


Variety Pack, Glass Bottles