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Daily Greens Vegetable and Fruit Juice 4-Day Cleanse Kit, Plastic Bottles
  • Description
    Daily Greens founder and breast cancer survivor, Shauna R. Martin crafted the Daily Greens 4-Day Cleanse as a more gentle and nourishing way to cleanse the body by incorporating green juices with an array of raw fruits and vegetables.

    Daily Greens 4-Day Cleanse Kit includes four bottles of Renew, four bottles of Elevate, and four bottles of Purity — plus downloadable cleanse instructions.

    • Renew: Hydrate with a blend of sweet watermelon and rich, juicy greens seasoned with spearmint and a dash of Himalayan pink salt.
    • Elevate: Get smooth greens — from cucumber to spinach and watercress — with a splash of lime, sweet pear, and a lovely vanilla finish.
    • Purity: Get simple and pure green juice goodness from cold-pressed cucumber, celery, kale, and broccoli with parsley, basil, and a touch of lemon.
    • (from Daily Greens)

    • Organic
    • GMO Free
  • Ingredients
    Elevate: Juices (Cucumber*, Pear*, Spinach*, Lime*, Watercress*), Madagascar Vanilla Extract*. 100% Juice.

    Purity: Juices (Cucumber*, Celery*, Kale*, Broccoli*, Lemon*, Parsley*, Basil*). 100% Juice.

    Renew: Juices (Watermelon*, Cucumber*, Celery*, Spinach*, Pineapple*, Lime*, Spearmint*, Dandelion Greens*), Himalayan Pink Salt. 100% Juice.

    Variety Pack: Please see each flavor's product page for nutritional info

Daily Greens Vegetable and Fruit Juice 4-Day Cleanse Kit, Plastic Bottles

12ct, 12fl oz ea

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