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Brooklyn Grange Asian Blend Microgreens

Brooklyn Grange Asian Blend MicrogreensBrooklyn Grange Asian Blend Microgreens

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    Grassy tatsoi, peppery hong vit and sango radishes, and floral chrysanthemum shoots lend a variety of flavors and textures to this microgreen blend. Mix them with regular greens to add oomph to your salads or use them as a garnish or accent—they're wonderful added to fried rice or layered into spring rolls.

    About Brooklyn Grange: Brooklyn Grange operates three rooftop farms in New York City, where they harvest over 90,000 pounds of organically-cultivated produce each year. By supporting the addition of green space to the urban landscape and partnering with local businesses and non-profit organizations, Brooklyn Grange fosters healthy and strong communities.

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    Storing Sprouts
    Hearty sprouts such as mung bean can be kept in a sealed plastic bag in the fridge, but more delicate varieties such as pea shoots and alfalfa sprouts need ventilation and should be refrigerated in the plastic containers they're sold in. They should keep for 2 to 3 days.

    Freezing Mung Bean Sprouts
    If you plan to cook with hearty mung bean sprouts, you can store them in an airtight container in the freezer for several months. Don't bother thawing; toss them right from the freezer into the pan.
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Brooklyn Grange Asian Blend Microgreens

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